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Are you, or a "Boomer" you know, going through divorce?

Or, maybe your marriage has dissolved and the extent of your knowledge about the process by which your money, your possessions, and even your children will be divvied up is informed by the likes of TV's Divorce Court?

Or maybe you, or someone you know, has said of the divorce process:

  • "I felt like I was spending a lot of money; but I wasn't exactly sure what for."
  • "I felt overwhelmed--like things were out of my control."
  • "I wish I had a better idea of what should I realistically expect from the process."
  • "By the time I realized I should have been more educated, it was too late."

Or, perhaps, you think a "marital tort" is a dessert served at weddings...or, pendente lite sounds like something you saw at a French film festival.

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need help.

As you know, divorce can be a dirty business. Divorce lawyers can play secret power games leaving you helpless and broke; angry, vindictive soon-to-be ex-spouses have a win at all costs attitude; and you are left in the middle--powerless, lacking control of what will happen to you and your children in the future--after divorce. Now there's a new book, unlike any available before now that can actually help you save money, cope with the unknown, and regain control of your life. It's called, The Boomer's Guide to Divorce: And a New Life and it will answer your questions and calm your fears and it's available from and other booksellers.

Why is this book special?

author, Marlene BrowneWell, in The Boomer's Guide to Divorce: And a New Life an experienced family law attorney gives a fresh take on an age-old conflict and tells you everything you need to know when forever is, or is about to be, over. The author, a family lawyer since 1986, has written an indispensable manual that arms you with information on the very latest critical developments in divorce-related law, state and federal, providing you with an arsenal of information, while sharing and exposing the tricks of the trade before you embark upon the treacherous trek of suits, countersuits, torts, attorneys fees, and experts reports.

Don't make the mistake of navigating the maze of divorce litigation landmines while feeling financially and emotionally under-prepared, misinformed, and overextended. Instead, do what the "pros" do by learning what they know. The Boomer's Guide to Divorce: And a New Life tells you how to make the system work for you with an insider at your side!

But how can a book do all this?

Effectively. Insightful, highly readable, and divided into comprehensive, user-friendly chapters, The Boomer's Guide to Divorce: And a New Life, provides you with must-have money and mistake-saving information gained by years of professional experience that you can't find any where else on the Web or the so-called self-help shelf.

The Boomer's Guide to Divorce: And a New Life provides a clear, informed, good-humored guide to a process that everyone from your mother to your mailman has an opinion on. Reading this book empowers you to cut your costs, lessen your stress, and clarify your expectations as it walks you through the "divorce process" at every step.

In addition to everything else, you'll learn about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, including mediation, arbitration, and collaboration, as well as the pros and cons of representing yourself versus having the continued representation of legal counsel during a divorce case.

Then, once you have hired your divorce counsel--if you do, this book will continue to serve as a bench mark of sorts, allowing you to ask the right questions of your attorney at the various stages of the litigation. Unlike most people, you will know what you want your attorney to emphasize and the results you desire, given the facts of your case. Additionally, you will be able to communicate with your attorney without having to pay your counsel for the time he or she spends educating you to the "process." This book will serve you faithfully as a reference manual during the each phase of the divorce process, alerting you to what will--or should--be happening at a given phase in the case and, perhaps most importantly, what should be done at the end of the matter to ensure your position is protected after the decree or judgment is final.

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Plus, get the skinny on the tips that might spell the difference between taking charge of your affairs or getting taken to the cleaners. The Boomer's Guide to Divorce: And a New Life will teach you what the insiders know (what most divorce lawyers either won't take the time to tell you or don't want you to know), plus:

  • What are the first things you should do when faced with divorce litigation?
  • The trick that can prevent you--or your spouse--from hiring the best or meanest divorce attorney in town
  • When you should--and shouldn't--hire a private investigator to tail your spouse
  • When can you wiretap a phone call legally?
  • Why you should at least consult with an attorney
  • What is jurisdiction and when, and how, can it affect the outcome of a divorce case?
  • The definite no-no's to avoid when hiring your attorney
  • What is an "expert," and when do you need one?
  • How are attorneys' and experts' fees calculated and paid?
  • Is it possible to handle your divorce yourself, without an attorney?
  • What steps do you take if bankruptcy looms in the future, or has already occurred?
  • What do you do with stock options in a divorce case?
  • What are some of the most important tax items in divorce?
  • Why you should always have professional help if your spouse has a business
  • The items you must consider for your kids' sake
  • Whether you can sue your spouse's paramour for alienation of affections in your case
  • How do you secure what you've won in your judgment?
  • How do you make sure that deferred pay plans are distributed--and eventually paid?
  • How do you secure support payments when former spouses live in different states after the divorce?
  • The three reasons why a prenuptial agreement might be right for you the next time around
  • When and how to start your life again--after the divorce is over
  • And, many, many other must-know items.

More than just an all-purpose reference manual, The Boomer's Guide to Divorce: And a New Life is a practical, hands-on workbook. The author supports the volume with pratical Internet resources and helpful reference addresses. As a ready resource, it provides you with the security of knowing that, at your fingertips, you have a comprehensive, easy to understand, explanation of the legal process that educates, guides, and, most importantly, empowers you to become a forearmed, forewarned, and informed participant in the process of getting the best possible result after the divorce is final, and preparing you for when your new life begins.

Review the Table of Contents. As you will see, this book outlines general concepts and specific tips, that will leave you better able to protect yourself from a prepared opponent (i.e. your spouse and/or his or her attorney and expert) and ultimately save you (or a "Boomer" you love) big in terms of fees, time, and personal angst and aggravation.

The Media

The Boomer's Guide to Divorce: And a New Life is capturing the media's attention. For more information about Marlene Browne or her book, call Dawn Werk, of Alpha Books, at 317-428-3326. The author is available for speaking engagements, seminars, and book signings.

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The Boomer's Guide to Divorce Process: And a New Life
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CAUTION!!!: This book, however generally informative, is not meant to be, nor can it substitute for, personal legal advice in your highly specific matter. As this book describes in detail, the law is always changing, and to make sure you get--or keep--what is rightfully yours; you MUST continually check the law in your state, and get advice tailor-made for the facts of your case (even if it's just one time) from a lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction.